Aug 15 2013

Episode 5 – The Road Warrior

The Road WarriorOur last episode was about the soaring greatness of Lawrence of Arabia.  A great movie it is but we figured that we needed to have a little more fun.  This episode, we watched Mad Max 2, which is better known as The Road Warrior.  Many cars were wrecked.  Very few lines were delivered. Awesomeness was achieved.  We were joined by Melissa’s friend Fes Works to enjoy this fine example of 80’s post apocalyptic action.

Our September 1st episode will be a tribute to the late Ray Harryhausen as we watch The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad!

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  1. Steve

    Jena, you were “Apocalypse Now” in ’79; I was Star Wars (“Return of the Jedi”) in ’83.

    1. Steve

      Speaking of which, “Apocalypse Now” should go on the list to see.

  2. Mud

    Poltergeist scared me as well, I was afraid of my closet growing up. Also gnarly trees use to creep me out.

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