Sep 15 2014

Episode 31 – Citizen Kane

Citizen KaneWe’ve finally arrived at “the greatest movie ever made” – Citizen Kane!  We tackle Orson Welles’ groundbreaking film as well as it’s reputation.  We encounter a stable of great actors and talk about Welles’ career.  Is this film the greatest move ever?  That is certainly a matter of taste.  We spend a lot of time talking about the film’s legacy and that may be more important than the film itself.

We also say the next movie we watch will be “Man on Wire.”  Turns out we were wrong.  It will be “The Dirty Dozen.”



  1. Shawn Pitre

    Every time I hear the name of the movie, I’m reminded of this sketch from Kids in the Hall

    1. Melissa

      Me, too! I actively had to tamp down my instincts during the episode so I didn’t start randomly screaming, “IT’S CITIZEN KAAAANE!”

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