Episode 3 – Argo

, with special guest:

ArgoWe don’t want to be accused of only watching old movies so for this episode, we focused on the 2012 Academy Award winner for Best Picture – Argo!  Not only has Jena never seen the movie, she has no first hand memories of the historical event upon which it was based! Not only does she get to learn about the movie, but she also gets to learn about something that happened.  Well…if you ignore all the stuff that isn’t actually true.

Our next podcast will be on August 1st and we’ll be talking about Lawrence of Arabia!


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  1. So I just watched this with some friends and we are wrapping the podcast around it. Good to hear Melissa join the crew. We liked the movie very much. Thanks for picking it.

    Aja suggests The Great Race as a possible future film to watch. I have no idea about it, so maybe Jena also is clueless about it. 😉

    Lawrence of Arabia is so long, we may need to be more prepared for that one.

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