Do you need more Reel Education?

Do you lament that you only get two Reel Education episodes per month? Do you long for more episodes about movies that feature lots of guns and fedoras and rain and shadows from Venetian blinds?

Your troubles are over, because we are proud to announce a brand new sister podcast named A Reel Education: Noir! The podcast format is the same, but the hosts seek to do a deeper dive into the shadowy corners of the film noir era, as well as explore films that influenced the genre, and discuss films that were influenced by the genre. (In other words, it’s a great excuse to watch a lot of film noir.)

New episodes of the new podcast arrive on the 7th and 21st of the month, which means if you subscribe to both A Reel Education and A Reel Education: Noir, you will get new cinema talk poured into your ears every week or so. So grab your whiskey and your favorite goon and head on over to!

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